Saturday, April 21, 2012

Morning/Afternoon, 2012

Riding our bikes home, in 2012, after jahn hahn, Thip and I might stop at our biggest property (almost seven acres) that is just across the road that fronts the temple. “17 Rai” is one-third upper land and two-thirds rice paddies. It is a very peaceful place to be and we might hang out together or individually just to have some private time to think. Or not.

Other times and depending on the weather, I might hurry home so I can get on the Internet before temperatures prohibit reasonable use of my laptop without overheating.

My “office” is on the wooden slat floor, upstairs, under mosquito netting. I have an Internet connection that is basically a cell phone link to the closest TOT (Telecommunications of Thailand) hub. My Vostro 1510 is on a mat, with an external fan blowing on it in addition to its internal fan. I have a surge protector on the 220 volt line to my 220 to 110 volt adapter and then another surge protector leading to the laptop from the voltage adapter. I leave a temperature gauge out so that I can monitor the room Celsius and Fahrenheit readings. I will periodically feel the laptop body, also, to gauge the temperature inside the computer.

Past around 85-degrees F, I will shutdown my operation. So, generally, I have – at most – two hours to get what I need done. This will include catching up on email correspondence, an occasional sale of my surfing history booklets, monitoring my finances, checking and changing my stock portfolio, an occasional Internet phone call and an even rarer video call. I still remember how fun it was to video call Senyo and Diana a couple of weeks after arriving in the village. It was almost like they were next door!

Most days, between 11 a.m. and around 3 p.m., it’s just too hot to do much of anything, at this time of year. Thip is usually over at the family house, helping to care for her mother, so I might go over there for a visit but not stay too long.

Oddly, my first month I spent burning bamboo and other organic trash on the property surrounding our house during the heat of the day. I was hot, anyway, so it didn’t make much difference. I just moved very, very slowly and drank lots of water.

Sometimes after Thip and I are back from the temple, we might hire a friend to take us into Nong Bua Lamphu (the closest town/city, only 6 kilometers away) to get needed supplies. Most always, we will travel in a tuk-tuk.

Thip's parents being driven by her brother Sawt's wife Nui, after jahn hahn

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