Thursday, May 24, 2012

96-Degrees... in the Shade

Now that the really hot season (March-May) is receding and rain squalls are making their appearance in preparation for East Asian Monsoon Season, please congratulate me on successfully enduring days when sometimes the temperature was as much as 110-degrees F in the sun and 96-degrees in the shade day after day.

A view from our Home, late afternoon.

Even Ajan Boon Long gave me props in front of everyone in the temple, recognizing that I came from a relatively cool climate to the Isaan during its hottest months of the year. Latitude-wise, it was a shift from 34-degrees to 17-degrees from the equator. I responded (with Thip translating), that the heat and humidity weren’t big problems for me (after all, I lived in South Texas for a number of years). I was more worried about the mosquitoes to come during the rainy season. I should have added that it was easy for me because I didn’t have to work out in the sun, unlike a lot of Khon Thai – especially the males.

Ice helped a lot; beer did, too (when it started to cool), but I wasn’t going to mention this to our Kammatan head monk.

It really came down to being a management issue. Man, did I move s-l-o-w-l-y during the head of the day! I hope my war against the nyoong (mosquitoes) will also just come down to a management issue.

During those hot days, I’d often think of this song I used to play at KTYD, in Santa Barbara:

96 degrees in the shade:

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