Saturday, May 5, 2012

Fishing The Klong

Well, the drop-ins by family, friends and neighbors always delay – if not change – the directions a day might otherwise take, but village life is a very social life. I am fortunate that our villagers somehow know I like my privacy, so visits are not out-of-control. It could be the language barrier, for when one of my brothers-in-law is over and we’re sitting around in the front of the house, people start dropping in pretty much non-stop.

When I first got here, visits were just out-of-control. When Thip wasn’t around, I had to move towards the back of the property, further away from the road, in order to take myself out of the front line; the “front line” being the front of the house that borders the busiest road in the village.

The most notorious drop-in, thus far, was when I was hijacked to “go fishing.” Following my brother-in-law Pawt, I bicycled about a mile away from our house to an area of the klong the guys have netted up to catch fish. By klong, I mean basically a water canal that was once a stream and in this area is deeper than most. Really, it was very close to our 17 rai property. The same klong backsides the end of our 17 rai.

And by “guys” I mean the fun adults, ranging in age from 20 to 40 with a few exceptions of older guys like me and an occasional kid. As has been my historic pattern, I’m once again hanging out with younger guys.

I especially liked when Yah cut me out an Isaan "glass" and gave me some local fruit juice -- on ice!

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