Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Gam Gnon

Awhile back, I mentioned the solid day and a half of celebration of our headman’s promotion from Poo-yai Bann (headman) to Gam Gnon (leader of a group of headmen). Well, I finally finished the video (9 minutes in length):

During the party where several hundred people filtered in and out, I tried not to think of how much the party was costing Gam Gnon and also did my best to stay away from the Thai whiskeys and the foods I had no prior experience with. I was almost completely on my own, as Thip was caring for her mother most of the day, only a couple of stone throws away. As has been the case all along, I am amongst a people whose language I do not know, but am accepted by and made welcome.

Three separate weekend events in the space of a month (March) attest to not only the lack of “normal” days, but also the Thai proclivity for social gatherings and just plain partying. Even Ajan Boon Long’s gold smelting event was laden down with free food, non-alcoholic drinks of many different kinds – few you would recognize – and lots of opportunity for people to socialize. Thais are very much a social people.

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