Thursday, June 28, 2012

Thung Yai 1.3

 … In truth, we did not stop long enough to appreciate but a small fraction of all the flora, fauna and mammals we travelled amongst and certainly saw no tigers. Particularly striking for me were all the trees with flowers growing on numerous branches.

Why were we here? We were on a “forced march” of sorts in order to get to the temple at Washuku in time for the anniversary of our head monk’s mentor Ajan Satien’s passing. Due to some unforeseen delays, we only had three days of hard riding to get in on time, with expected progress points to reach each day no matter if we rolled into camp at midnight – which happened once.

This was the ostensible reason for us to be in Thung Yai, but Ajan Boon Long had other reasons why he takes a different group into this remote area of Western Thailand each year at this time.

As he explained to me after our return to the village, there are actually five reasons for the annual trek thru Thung Yai Naresuan Wildlife Sanctuary, to Ajan Satien’s temple and chedi erected in his honor. Ajan Boon Long never directly mentioned these to us at any time, but these are certainly things we learned in our own separate ways:

1) To honor and show respect for the work that Ajan Satien did in this remote area; 

2) To develop teamwork and cooperation amongst ourselves; 

3) Learn to overcome obstacles and be good problem solvers; 

4) Develop strength and practice hard work; and 

5) Develop determination by struggle to achieve our goals. 

I’ll add here that the trips also forged a closer bond between those who struggled together. Friendships were strengthened and new ones forged…

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