Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Daily Life - Afternoons 1

The physical labor part of my day begins about 11 a.m. and goes to about 4 p.m. -- Yeah, I know. It's the hottest time of the day. Most Thai's are smart enough to stay in the shade during most of that time. What can I say? Our properties keep me pretty busy. Mostly it’s just clean-up, which can include burning, watering, digging, moving ground, fencing, weeding, trimming trees and bamboo and -- of course, brush cutting with my khun tat yah Honda GX-35 brush cutter.

Although it is difficult for me, at age 65 [in 2013] and not used to farm work, I try to stay active. The mid-days are not always physical challenging, but many times are. If I’m not on our own properties, I’m on temple grounds, attending ceremonies and helping out (usually cleanup, but also can involve helping set up tents and chairs for special ceremonies).

Thip is the one who’s really involved in the wat.

During the last Rains Retreat (Buddhist lent – Khao Pensa to Oh Pensa), Thip and I ran a once-a-week English conversation class for kids 8-14. Ajan Boon Long provided us space where desks were set-up and fans could be deployed. It was attended by an average of 25 children each week for three months.


Lee Baby said...

Is this man a happy camper ? Is that a frown or a grimace or an upside down smile ? And look at that belly! Be joyfull in your work Malc. And cut back on the beer.
Yur pal. Lee Baby.

Malcolm Gault-Williams said...

It's the beer Changs that keep me sane, Lee... we'll compare guts soon...