Saturday, January 12, 2013

Daily Life - Mornings 3

Additional random morning things:

Roosters start crowing about an hour before the sky starts lightening and then will crow on and off all day. It seems like one starts off and then another one in the distance picks it up and joins in, on and on down the line of distance, multiplied by nearer roosters who wake up later.

I now do some simple Hatha Yoga stretches before rising, especially for the upper leg muscles and back.

First thing I do when I get downstairs is to unlock the front double doors and move Thip’s motosai out into the front yard. I do this by straddling the machine and positioning it onto a homemade doorstep ramp and then gliding down over the front porch/patio onto the green.

I told you before, but I’ll say it again: sure is nice having hot shower water! I can’t believe Thip made it through last winter using only cold water. She’s tough!

Our Pooyai Bann (headman) is also a Gam Gnan (the headman of several other local headmen) periodically gets on the village loudspeaker system, but mostly leaves it up to his assistant Paisan to take care of. News important to the village is relayed in this way, beginning with and ending with some short Morlam or Luk Thung music played around sun-up, before Tak Baht.

A little later, trucks periodically go around the village selling vegetables, fruit, furniture, mattresses, brooms and etc. Not the same truck, different trucks.

Thip is big into donating to our temple. I estimate at least 30% of our food budget goes to the wat and our food budget is half of our total budget.

After gaming, there’s various Internet related projects. I’m still working on my most notable writings. That is, LEGENDARY SURFERS. However, I find that I’m writing far less than I thought I would be, in retirement. The only way I can explain it is that I think I’m more into the living of life than I used to be. Not that I wasn’t, before, but back when I was younger, I’d take the time to write it down. Not the same, today.

Other Internet projects include calls to family, monitoring our budget and financial assets, sharing things with friends via email and social networking sites like Facebook. Video projects in 2012 include:

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