Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Thip's Kitchen: Before and After

Summer 2012, Thip did a great job designing her new kitchen, utilizing the small space to the max and beautifying it by using ceramic tile that mimics the look of stone. Here's what the space looked like before work was begun:

Viewing it again from the living room doorway towards the back door, here's what the kitchen looked like after local craftsman Pong did the cement, plumbing and tile work:

View to the left, with Thip's massive sink towards the back:

View to the right, with refrigerator toward the back and the rear door furthest back. Note the use of glass blocks to help bring in natural light:

The proud homemaker:

Several months later, we had the room (along with the whole house) rewired. I'll post pics of that work later on... Here's a final shot of Pong putting in the PVC for the sink:


Lee Baby said...

A Kitchen ! Holy Cow ! And is that a new refigertor ? Thip is just Beaming.. What`s next, a Hot Tub Jacuzzi ? Now wonder that everybody is talking about Y`all. Rich folks have set up shop in the Village. I`m comin` over. :) Lee Baby.

Malcolm Gault-Williams said...

We're gettin' ready for your visit !!!!