Thursday, February 14, 2013

Daily Life - Afternoon / Evening

My active day is more or less over by 4 p.m. Sometimes I’ll water the mak pow (coconut), mango, papaya and jack fruit trees in the backyard up to about 5:30 or do some weeding, but most of the time I slow it down around 4 p.m.

(I wrote more, later on this year, about our afternoons in 2013, at: "Afternoons Revisited".)

4:30 p.m. is what I call “Beer Thirty” and the beverage of choice is Beer Chang (not Chang beer) on ice in a glass, drunk in the Thai and Lao manner. The popular Isaan brew is Leo, brewed and bottled by Singha, but I prefer the slightly stronger (6.4% alcohol) Chang. I try to keep Leo’s in the bottom refrigerator tray for guests.

Beer Thirty is also dinner time. I found out years ago, back in Santa Barbara, that Thip’s and my digestion and weight control require us to eat our last meal of the day early enough for it to be burned-off prior to sleep, and we tend to go to bed earlier than most people.

We might have a visitor or go out to visit late afternoon or early evening, but it is rare for us to go to bed past 8 p.m.

Our pattern changed for a while when Thip’s brother Pawt and his wife opened up an outdoor restaurant up the road towards the highway. Thip was helping them by waitressing and I helped by patronizing the 6-table operation by buying beer, drinking it and sharing with others in a quasi party scene. The end of the night for us is then about 10 p.m., but it's now back to norm: to bed by 8pm.

(I wrote more about our evenings, later this year, at: "Evenings".)

I always make a point of refilling all water containers and ice cube trays for the next day and watching the sun go down, usually taking in the show from our side yard or the back. Isaan sundowns are not as spectacular as Santa Barbara’s, but they have their own beauty, especially with our coconut trees as silhouettes.

Often times, the Isaan sky is even more beautiful in the afternoons than at sundown, when the blazing sun hits the always numerous clouds. Thip took these:

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