Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Chedis (Stupas)

Another thing you will see throughout the lands that are primarily Buddhist are chedis (stupas). In the fall of 2012, just before the rice harvest, Thip and I went with a group from our temple to visit a number of famous chedis in the eastern portion of the Isaan, in Mukdahan province. Here are some of the photos we shot that stand out:

Above: The biggest chedi I've ever seen.

Above: Thip on one of the lower levels of the chedi above.

Above: A chedi built almost totally from stone.

Above: carvings and etchings in stone; some details to the chedi above.

Above: a replica of a famous chedi in Indonesia.

Above: detail work on another all-stone chedi; the carving looks old but it's probably just because of the nature of the rock.

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