Monday, June 17, 2013

"Home Alive" Revisited

Remember when I wrote about “Our Home is Alive!”? Well, here’s a “year later” update:

The scorpions were dealt with right away. They like dark crevices, so I filled-in cracks to our cement pad and removed debris from around the exterior of the house. Whenever I overturned something and saw one, it was dispatched mercilessly, including the time I chopped a mother with all her babies on back.

Geckos remain a feature of the home and I have no problem with them, even though they sound like they’re laughing at me, at times. They actually help with insect control. Same way with the Tokays who actually fascinate me.

When I began my retirement in Northeastern Thailand, the field rats were my biggest problem. My wife didn’t like them, either, but being the good Kamattan Buddhist she is, she didn’t want me to kill them. I hated having them in such close proximity and they would actually wake me up at night cuz there were so many of them. I decided to wage a not-so-secret war on the Noo.

I’ve done some trapping in my time and learned quickly how to outsmart the rats. I was always careful to dispose of their bodies when my wife was not around. By the time I’d won the war, around twenty Noo had been added to my negative karma.

I figured it was either us or them.

More lizards are living on our home property than last year, especially the thin, fast runners. This is probably due to my prohibiting the neighbors from hunting them, last year. Their movements are so precise they fascinate me almost as much as the tokays.

More birds are with us, now and more variety, too. Not sure why that is, but it’s probably because of the growing number of fruit trees we have that are being better cared for than before we bought the land. These include jack fruit (mak mee), mango, bell apple and cherimoya.

The neighborhood chickens still traverse the property. Their numbers are in the thirties, including chicks. The roosters provide some amusement for my friends in America, when I am gaming with them from the other side of the planet (BF3 on the PS3).

Dogs have become less of a problem and that’s mostly due to them having better pickings at the family farm, the family house and elsewhere.

Lastly, an increase in snakes has caused Thip and I to be more cautious and observant of the grounds and house. We want to keep those guys away from where we abide!

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Never, Home Alone in Issan. That's the good news ... and the bad news. Sanook, sanook ...