Monday, June 24, 2013

The Heat Revisited

I came back to Thailand for my second year of retirement right at the beginning of the hottest season of the year (beginning April). This year, coming from California where I had to wear a light jacket most of the time and even had to beg my older son Das not to surf because the water (Pacific Ocean, California side) was so damn cold, I loved coming back to where I didn’t have to wear a shirt or shoes!

(laying in the hammock at our 15 rai rice farm near the temple)

Unlike last year, this year I did not need to resort to fans, mid-day beer, or even frequent showers – although those always are worth the time to take.

You remember the ab nam routine, right? Even with a shower head and hot water in the new bathroom, I prefer the old plastic pan with cold water dumped over my head; maybe up to ten times a session to cool myself off, which includes splashes to certain critical areas to enhance cleanliness.

I guess you could say I’ve adapted to the heat of the Thai countryside and… it fits.

Now, when villagers ask me:

Hawn, baw?” (hot, no?)

My reply is usually:

Hawn nit-noy.” (hot a little)

They always laugh at this, because when the heat is on, it’s hot for everyone!

As I stated last year, I prefer the heat over mosquitoes (nyoong), even though some days may be as hot as “96-degrees in the shade.”

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