Sunday, July 21, 2013

Lao Trip 4.1b - Trip Map

Ever since I was old enough to do it, I’ve loved being “On The Road.” In fact, I have travelled across the United States at least a half a dozen times, hitch-hiking, when I was younger, 1968-1971. Travelling in Thailand many years later, I would never give a thought to hitch-hiking. My style now is very laid back and mature, as fitting my age of 64.

Wow! A “senior citizen” travelling in Southeast Asia on his own is still – I must modestly say – very impressive. Of course, the beginning of this trip was easy and anybody could do it. Thip booked my bus trip through a private bus tour company. All I had to do was sleep… Here's a map of the route I took beginning my first day and ending with the last:,101.140137&spn=8.2

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