Saturday, July 13, 2013

Thip's Closet/Laundry Room

Before Pong completed the renovation of our downstairs in the summer and early fall of 2012, we made sure Thip’s clothes closet/laundry room was included in the makeover. Here’s what it looked like before all that, when Thip first moved in and her brother Pawt and sister Lahm helped her clean the place up (fall 2011):

Which progressed to this:

Then looked like this, after walls were finished and painted and tiled:

I don't have a good picture of how it looks, today, mainly because we're still working on the clothes racks and how to make them work in the small space along with the washing machine, but here's a shot of Thip's best friend:

You want a way to keep a woman’s heart beating strong for you? Make sure she's got a good washing machine!

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