Friday, August 9, 2013

Lao Trip 4.2d - Slow Boat

It was actually good that I didn’t have a seat the first day on The Khong. An attractive English girl – Anglo-Saxon, with a fair amount of Scandinavian in her blood (blond!) – struck up a conversation that lasted most of the day. While she invited me to the second seat she was using to store some of her gear, I was content to just hover around her. She was good company.

I tried to make sense out of the scenery we motored through. Everywhere where there had been substantial clear cutting, Khon Lao were growing something; mostly corn, which amazed me cuz those mountainsides were steep!

Some guys on the boat grew weary of the overpriced beer and started to demand land prices. I guess if I was their age, I would have been right in there with them. Now, at age 64, it just seemed bad form and I knew I’d never create a scene like that if I had a woman in-tow, no matter what my age.

We made land at the end of the afternoon, at Pak Beng.

A reminder about pictures: I did not shoot any photographs or video on this trip, but am posting pictures and video from others that are representative. I guess I got lazy, but the fill-in's are really good and the media is always credited with a link to the original.

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