Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Afternoons Revisited

During the Monsoon Season (May-September), I can stay on the computer all the way up to noon; sometimes 1 p.m. when the day’s heat makes it unsafe to use the computer safely – even with an external fan at full blast. If it’s raining, I could go all day if I had the creative energy, which I don’t, so I hardly ever go all afternoon, even if conditions are favorable. All this added up means that I’m putting in about 6 hours/week gaming, 6 hours/week on communication and news gathering; and 12 hours/week writing.

Good to get off my ass, though, so I’ll get to physical work directly after I leave my “office” – a mosquito net enclosing boards stacked on top of beer boxes for a desk, computer, printer, router, PS3 gaming console and 42-inch flat screen monitor, a fan for the PS3 and a fan for the computer (and me); and a plastic chair with solid back with pillows to prop me up. Doesn’t sound or look like much, but it’s probably the best workstation in the village.

Shot from outside the net: computer/desk to the left of the chair, flatscreen to the right.

My daily exercise consists of manual labor in many different forms: from caring for plants, planting, digging ditches, moving ground, moving wood, cutting trees and bamboo, burning, fixing things and mostly brush cutting – not only at our home, but at our farms, as well (two rice farms, one sugar cane).

Yes, I still work in the heat of the day, but there’s no other time that works for me unless I give up my computer time; wouldn’t want to do that; even had to limit my participation in jahn hahn partly because it was taking away from my writing, gaming and staying in touch with the world outside our village.

Occasionally in the afternoons, Thip and I will visit her brother Pawt and wife and order food and beer at their outdoor restaurant.

Less frequently, I’ll take Thip’s motosai out into the back country roads; preferring the dirt and sometimes asphalt to the concrete of the highways mostly for safety’s sake.

Usually, I’ll do stuff around the house and on our acreage. I haven’t been hanging out at my “Writer’s Retreat” (aka “Bann Mon-Kom”) as much as I thought I would, partly because Thip repeatedly warns me that it’s not completely safe out there. The neighbor living on the land next to our biggest farm recently got robbed in broad daylight and there have been equipment and material thefts at our biggest farm before.

Whatever I’m doing in the afternoon, I usually shut down by around 4:00 p.m., shower up (ab nam), washing my hair with coconut shampoo, and have an early dinner.

To see how this year’s afternoons have changed and yet stayed closely the same, visit:

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