Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Lao Trip 4.8 - Xaiyabuli to Pak Lai

On Day 8 of my fourth trip to Lao, I left Xayabuli, in Sainyabuli province (I’m never gonna get the spellings straight and, apparently, either are they!) and took a sawng-thaew (pickup with a roof over two rows of benches in the back – sits about 10 people comfortably) to Pak Lai.

One of the neat things I’ve learned to do is pack along a couple of bags of individually wrapped Kopiko candies. These are small coffee flavored caramel candies. I haven’t had anyone turn these down, yet, and they make making friends on rolling transportation so much easier and a sure bet.

I love the ride between Xayabuli and Pak Lai (also spelled Pak Lay).

I’ve stayed in Pak Lai before and I like the town. But, my preferred spot to hang out in is PL2. So, as soon as I got to the northern Pak Lai “bus station.” I got on the tuk-tuk for PL2.

As happened last time, I had a great time in the town/village, again making new friends and seeing one or two people that I recognized from my trip there in fall 2012. Here’s an image one of the guys shot of some of my new friends and I:

 The next day, Day 9, I left for the Way Back Home, again riding a sawng-thaew, to the Nam Heuang border crossing. and travelling in the Loei area by sawng-thaew and then second-class bus to where our village road connects to the highway.

Before leaving the Khong, here is a video series produced by Living River Siam, in 2008, that is excellent about the Mekong River. Narration in Thai with English subtitles throughout: Part 1: http://youtu.be/qm1i_DZ5Jj8


Kevin said...

I enjoyed the Laos post, Malcolm. We have plans to go to Luang Prabang in January 2014 for one week.

Malcolm Gault-Williams said...

Thanks for the feedback, Kev. I assume you'll be flying in/out? When in January? I'll be back in Lao to bring in the new year.