Sunday, September 22, 2013

New Roof

We now have a lan kah mai (roof new) on the first story section of our home. Unfortunately we had to have the work done during the rainy season, as I feared the original roof just wouldn't make it, plus it was already leaking in several spots -- not just little leaks, either.

Here's a view of the early work. This is the backside of the building, facing south, showing the lower and upper sections of our home. Notice outdoor kitchen left of center:

Thip getting excited upstairs, next to south-facing windows:

Original roof support structures and corrugated tin (one of the better sections) we had replaced with steel struts and "aluminium":

We decided to not only have the lower section re-roofed, but also have the new roof extend further out on the sides and over the outdoor kitchen area. Note my tuk-tuk extreme left:

How the backside of the house looks today. Note clothes hanging under roof due to rain:

Our plans are to finish the upper section walls similar to how we had the upper south side wall done. don't look too close, it's actually imitation wood... Here's one more shot from further back on the property:

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