Friday, October 4, 2013

Our Home, 2 Years Later

Thip moved into our home in the village where she grew up, two years ago. Here are some shots taken after she and her brother and sister cleaned the place up. First one is a frontal taken from the road, from the north. You can see the corrugated metal siding installed almost a decade ago, when the building was hit by a tornado. Open areas in the attic were also blown out at that time. Neighbors (relatives) house on the left; Thip's daughter Kulthida in the doorway:

Side view looking towards the front, from the southwest. Note the water containers that typically are connected to the rain gutters. Pipe from one side of the roof visible also:

Now, here are some recent shots taken more or less two years later.

This shot is a view of the front, taken slightly from the northwest, out by the road that connects our village with the next one down the line. Looks pretty much the same, eh? Well, this year the big job was the first story roof and the previous year most of our home improvements were also centered on the first story structure; like re-doing the bathroom, closet/laundry room, kitchen and electrical wiring (top and bottom floors). In this outside view, you can see new paint on all ground-floor sections, a new front door and patio (not visible), the complete front yard under the roof is covered with Mekong rocks which help keep the front of the house clean. New ground floor windows, wood table and benches, coconut tree stools and pedestals for potted plants; my plastic chair, red mailbox and tuk-tuk also visible:

Another shot from the same direction, a little further back, taken on a different day. Mango tree on the left, jackfruit tree on the right. Green address sign in front of the mango tree.

Looking northwards to the road and the rice fields beyond, from the doorway. Note drinking water bottle on left. These get picked up and delivered. Note, also, tree seedlings getting ready for planting and buckets of homemade planting soil... Good shot of the Mekong rocks. The rocks were my wife's idea and it has turned out to be a great one!

Photo of the west side, taken from the southwest, similar to photo #2. By comparing the two, you can see how fast things grow here. That's another jackfruit tree hanging over the water jar. It is a tasty fruit whose boiled inner wood is used to make the preferred color for Kamattan monks' robes. Clothes line (bamboo pole) visible on left and a papaya tree just to the right. Very center bottom is a two year old coconut tree and left of it you can see one of the neighborhood chickens.

West side ground floor close-up. The wood shutters are lightly stained so that the grain is easily visible. Note ceremonial clay water container center:

Many of the villagers still feel we are living loso, but we are happy with our progress and our home which -- all things considered and in my estimation -- is in the top 75% of homes in our area for functionality, size and even appearance.

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