Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Struggle Against The Nyoong

Monks are most to curious to see how I handle the heat. I think it is generally assumed that I like the cooler months and do not like when it’s really hot. As I’ve mentioned before, I always answer this question by saying the heat does not bother me as much as the nyoong (mosquitoes).

Now that the days are getting noticeably cooler and drier, I believe I can describe this year’s “Struggle Against The Nyoong” as not only winding down, but successful.

Unlike my “War Against The Noo,” combating mosquitoes is more of a “protracted struggle.” You don’t lay traps and dispose of bodies. You just have to do everything in your power to keep yourself from being worn down by these determined insects. Worse, keep from having to go to the hospital cuz you either have Malaria or the deadly Dengue Fever.

Successful strategies that have worked for me from May thru September (the Monsoon Season), this year, include:

  • Keeping the weeds down around the house
  • Making sure there is no standing water in containers anywhere on the home property
  • Using mosquito repellant lotion with at least 13% DEET whenever I am outside just prior to and after sundown
  • Using a “Mosquito Bat” for inside the house, especially to clear the bathroom prior to use at night and clearing the inside of the mosquito netting around our bed prior to going to sleep. The bat (a little like a tennis racket) also comes in handy occasionally when I watch the light in the sky well past sundown, finishing a beer Chang. The mosquitoes start to come in and I can hold them at bay for a little while. If I’m way out numbered, I can always put on the repellent. I am usually reluctant to do this, though, as I will need to take another shower to remove the chemical lotion before heading off to Sleep Land.
  • Eating in the late afternoon and going to bed after sundown. I can’t imagine how Thais can stay out at night with no nyoong protection whatsoever!
  • Mosquito netting around our bed and around my office.

Even after I’ve done everything above, they’ll still get some blood out of me, but in far less numbers with only a little itch.

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