Thursday, November 14, 2013

Cambodia Trip 1.4a

My fourth day of my first Cambodian trip was the first of three days visiting the Angkor temples in and around Angkor Wat, the largest religious monument on our planet.

Bunleng picked me up well before daybreak, as planned, and drove me to buy my three-day temple pass and then on to Angkor Wat in an attempt to see the sunrise there. It had been raining, so skies were cloudy and I didn’t hold out much hope for much, so when it was a bit lackluster, I wasn’t surprised although I can see that on a clear morning it would be breathtaking.

Walking amongst the ruins of Angkor Wat – you know, this should not come as a surprise, but it did for me: over the course of most of my life I had seen hundreds of pictures of Angkor Wat and originally felt that being there would be a bit anti-climatic. I mean, in the past I’ve visited the temple virtually, in 3-D imagery and synth modes. I’ve even flown over it in virtual time, with Scotty, using his X-Plane program. But, I guess it’s like most things: you don’t get the full impact unless you’re actually there. Putting it into words is actually difficult, because in and amongst the Angkor temples, it’s the feeling you get that images cannot capture.

Here is my favorite image of Angkor Wat:

Here are some images of the front right side of the structure, where I tried to take some shots that you don't generally see, but as I say, the lighting was not good this morning:

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