Friday, December 6, 2013

Cambodia Trip 1.4e

After about three hours at Angkor Wat, I was ready for breakfast. So was Bunleng! Throughout the three days, he would drive me to a different temple, wait for me in a parking area. When I rejoined him, we would go on to another temple.

My Cambodian friend had a deal with the Angkor Reach restaurant within sight of the south gate of Angkor Wat. I think he gets a free meal each time he brings in a tourist for theirs. Although the food wasn’t anything to rave about, it wasn’t expensive. Consequently, I didn’t do my usual of eating from roadside vendors throughout the three days visiting the Angkor temples.

After breakfast, Bunleng took me to the temples within the immense Ankor Thom complex, starting with the enigmatic Bayon, inspiration for the first “Tomb Raider” movie:

Much etter pictures of Bayon can be viewed by searching on "Bayon images".

Then, it was on to Baphuon, where I really had to watch my footing (as, indeed, I had to – to some degree – at each and every temple, as the irregular sandstone flagstones tended to hold wet, slippery mud in depressions – while I was at Angkor Wat, one guy had to be carried out due to a fall):

Here's a link to better Baphuon images.

We then went to Phimeanakas:

 Here's more and better images of Phimeanakas.

… and then, lastly, the Royal Palace and Pools area and Preah Palilay:

 Here are some much better shots of Palilay, many taken before the trees were cut (in order to preserve the ruins).

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