Monday, December 30, 2013

Cambodia Trip 1.5

Yesterday, after my tuk-tuk driver Bunleng dropped me off at Popular Guesthouse, I cleaned-up and then went to a local Internet café to check on email and my bank balance.

Coming back, it started to rain, so I got some outdoor vendor BBQ chicken; two liter bottles of Angkor beer at the local mini market; and settled in for an evening watching TV. Really, I was pretty exhausted.

The guys at the front desk are always curious about what I bring in. I wonder what they would say if I had a girl in tow?

It rained, along with thunder and lightning, all night long. So, when I woke up and it was still lightly raining, I cancelled the day’s planned tour of the temples. However, about 9 a.m., the rain stopped and Bunleng and I got back on the temples tour.

In the morning, I visited Banteay Kdei:

Here are some pictures of Banteay Kdei that I feel are representative:

Then, we went to Sra Srang:

… and me at Sra Srang.

We then headed to Ta Prohm:

Here are some more images of Ta Prohm

… and then we went to Ta Keo:

… and here are some more pictures of Ta Keo.

When we broke for a late lunch, I finally gave in to some of the little girl hawkers, but that only gave an opening for the hard core sellers and problems the following day.

I visited the Preah Palilay (Pali Lai) temple area again and then we went to see the sundown at the southern gate of Angkor Thom, at the bridge. I was too tired to climb up the hill where most all the other tourists watched sundown. Anyway, judging by the weather and my knowledge of Southeast Asia, I knew the sunset would not be that great. After all, I’ve seen some of the greatest sunsets you can get on the planet, back in my old town and area of Santa Barbara. My oldest son, Das, and I have even seen the Green Flash more than once!

After Bunleng dropped me off at the guesthouse, I washed my clothes, showered and tried to call Thip.

When it grew dark, I headed over to the Night Market in Psar Chaa to buy some souvenirs, presents for Thip and my family back in the United States. In addition, I bought a cheap Casio watch (recommend Casio’s to everyone) and bought some dried mango and nuts for the trip back to Thailand.

After shopping, I stopped at the “7 Corners Seafood BBQ” for some BBQ crocodile and a beer. The croc was actually pretty good and it went well with the beer. It tasted somewhere between beef and cardboard – not that I’ve eaten that much cardboard, just when times got tough… “I joke you!”

On the way back to the guesthouse, numerous massage girls literally tried to drag me into their Houses of Some Repute, but I laughingly waved them off with the Cambodian equivalent of “No Thank You”. It’s times like these that I’m glad I have zippered pockets.

I grabbed some Angkor beer and chips at the local mini-market and then settled down to some television before cashing it in.

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