Thursday, February 6, 2014

Lao Trip #5

In December 2013, I went on my fifth trip to Lao. It was a bit of a hurried affair, as I took it “last minute” so that I would be sure to be able to renew my 90-day travel permit before it expired. I had been invited and accepted a second foray into the wilds of Thung Yai scheduled for the end of the month. As we would be in one of the remotest areas of Thailand, I was not entirely confident that we would make it back to our village before the end of the 90 days. So, I took the fifth Lao trip before I really needed to, in order to return to Thailand with another full 90-day travel permit.

My fifth time in Lao was my most laid-back, yet. I mostly just hung out in my favorite village/town of PL2, walk explored, and enjoyed karaoke which is so popular in that country among teens and young adults. Older people past their 20’s also enjoy it, but in smaller numbers and in more formal surroundings like celebrations, restaurants and parties. They don’t hang long in the outdoor beer-only bars that I tend to frequent.

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