Monday, March 17, 2014

Thung Yai 2.6

Although I consistently got better at 4-wheel driving the route into northwestern Thung Yai, I still got in trouble a few times; two times seriously. One was a shift issue and the other was an acceleration issue. My passengers that day have some stories to tell!

All the way along, I was careful to keep my eyes on the track ahead of us, not even daring to look at the beautiful scenery surrounding us. This was in keeping with necessity, as I guestamate that in the course of the day’s driving, I made thousands of minor decisions that strung along second-to-second. Focus was, if not everything, certainly at the top of the list.

 Yes, it was a real challenge for me, but in the end I received positive reviews from Lott and those who travelled with me and those in the truck following who could see how I was doing. It helped to have Thip along to translate more complex sentences.

 After we finally reached the Kamattan temple at Washuku that Ajan Satien founded, I again brought up my joke about getting my diploma from the “Kamattan School of 4-Wheel Driving.” The best of the drivers, a guy I call “Big Baby,” joked back, in return, that I don’t get that until I can drive the route also using 4th and 5th gears.

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