Friday, March 21, 2014

Thung Yai 2.7

We had come to the temple at Washuku to do some repairs to the foundation of Lunpaw Boon Long’s teacher, Ajan Satien’s khu-thee (monk’s abode) and put a hat over it to retard its deterioration. So, this was a work trip and once at Washuku, we were all focused on the khu-thee.

(Ajan Satien’s ku-thee)

Over the course of the week, I performed various duties, including helping to move steel, burning old bamboo, brush cutting and weeding, brush burning, recycling, clearing paths of bamboo, assisting sanding of wood boards… basically, wherever an extra hand was needed, I tried to contribute.

(Lungpaw inspecting the ku-thee’s foundation)

The night of our first full day, I just stood and stared at the night sky. I hadn’t seen so many stars in the sky for several years!

(Some shots of Lungpaw Boon Long in front of his teacher’s abode)

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