Friday, April 18, 2014

Thung Yai 2.11

The times that were most interesting to me while at Washuku were the ones away from the worksite – after all, I was just part of the cleanup crew and my daily work was not all that interesting.

One of these times was when Lungpaw Boon Long lead a caravan of trucks out past the school and over to Hin Tung. I drove one of the trucks to what amounted to be a photo op.

Another time, Lungpaw instructed me to drive the women out to visit Lungpu Yao and his wat at Pee Chu. Lungpu Yao was Ajan Satien’s other pupil, in addition to Lungpaw Boon Long, and is Karen.

Still, another time, Lungpaw had me drive him, Ajan Chang, and some of the women back to Lungpu Yao’s temple for a reunion. I took some shots, after asking if I could. Here's the best of the batch:


paul scott said...

Paul Scott BVSc
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I came across your blog when I googled Isaan.
I was kind of awed by your adventures up in Kachanaburi.
Also your google maps like mine quite developed. I imagine you maybe not to keen on the new google maps lite.
I recently stated a map of my daughters travels, because I said unless you have some physical evidence you are likely to forget,your life, and certainly others will
You have impressive photos back to the seventies.

I am married to an Isaan girl from just south of Maha Sarakham.
I am a New Zealander
Good luck and best wishes

Paul Scott


Malcolm Gault-Williams said...

Thank you for your comments, Paul... Yeah, the new Google Maps interface does nothing for me; thank goodness they kept the old one, too... and thank you for your kind comments about my travels and history... Look forward to meeting you one of these days!