Friday, April 4, 2014

Thung Yai 2.9

Thip had a great time in the camping-like environment of the Kamattan wat at Washuku. The whole scene reminded me of the dream I used to have of being part of a clan or tribe who would go out camping together often. Although I did a respectable amount with my sons when they were younger, and also solo, I regret not doing more camping away from the city environments with family and friends.

(Ajan Satien's Kamattan temple at Washuku; view from the east)

(Kamattan Wat at Washuku; view from the west)

(Temple restrooms)

(Kitchen area)

(Preparing food for Jahn Hahn and our breakfast)

The nights certainly did get cold. I slept with sweatpants, long-sleeved shirt, fleece jacket with hood, socks and cotton gloves inside a light sleeping bag that itself was inside another sleeping bag (rated to 20-to-15 degrees Celsius; 68-59 degress Farenheit) and… still felt a bit cold at times throughout the nights.

(Morning fire)

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