Thursday, May 29, 2014

Lao Trip 6.1 - To Nakhon Phanom

Every one of my trips outside the village is different and the ones outside of Thailand are even more so. My sixth trip to Lao, in March 2014, was not only different, but somewhat unique, as I travelled to the south central part of the country with the express intention of applying for another one-year Thai visa.

After leaving the village, on Day 1, I took a bus to Udon Thani, where I visited my good friend Scotty and his wife Rott. Scotty and I go back about a decade, as we share a number of things in common; Thai wives, expats from the United States, music, positivism, and an overall love of Thailand and its people.

(Scotty and Rott, on their front patio, celebrating his birthday in 2013)

I’ve noted previously about the many types of expatriats living in Thailand. Scotty is definitely one who is upbeat and optimistic in most all things. He has helped me out a number of times and I’m trying my best to get caught-up, in return; call it “Expat Mutual Aid.”

I’m always well received at Scotty’s, as Rott always has a beer ready for me. This time, I was surprised to have a Beer Lao DARK! Tasted great! Ah… I had more than one.

 Sometimes when I visit, we just rendezvouz at the big mall in town – Central Plaza, more commonly referred to by Thai’s as “Centrun.” It’s conveniently located close to the main bus station, so it was here that I took off from, the next day, bound for Nakhon Phanom (location of the main airbase for the Secret War, 1962-1975) via Sakhon Nakhon, travelling east.

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