Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Most Listened To in 2013

Before we leave our front patio, here's some more images...

... and before we leave 2013 all together, here is a sampling of some of my most-listened to music this year:

Carabao: Raeng Khoy :

Deng Jittakon – Absolutely most listened to; a favorite of the Village Headman and on the village loudspeakers a lot this past year:

The Airborne Toxic Event: Sometime Around Midnight – When I was back in California, March 2013, Das and Kopavi and I were on our way back from Sacramento when this one really got our attention. We didn’t pull off the road and stop, but mentally the effect was the same:

S.O.S. Band: Just Be Good To Me – Legendary DJ Lee Baby turned me on to this early 80s classic and, like the others, I put it in frequent rotation throughout the year:

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