Monday, May 26, 2014

My Thai Visas

I’ve written a little about the conditions of my one-year Thai non-immigrant “O” visas before. Well, March 2014 was the month my old visa expired and a new one obtained.

Last time I had transitioned from one Thai visa to another was in February/March of 2013. Since the main restriction is that you have to leave Thailand when your current visa expires and apply for a new one outside the country, I used the opportunity to visit my sons, parents, family and a few special friends in California and Florida. I basically did the 2013 trip back to the U.S. by credit card and deficit spending. So, this year, in an effort to create a travel account and save up for my next USA trip, I cancelled my plans to go back to America in 2014, skipping a year, and rescheduling it for 2015.

My family back in The States were remarkably supportive and understanding of this decision, despite 2014 being my father’s 90th birthday, and my second son and his wife expecting their second child – the first female Gault-Williams!

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