Friday, June 20, 2014

Lao Trip 6.5 - Savan Khaim Khong

Arriving in Savannakhet, I hailed a tuk-tuk and was driven to the Nongsoda Guesthouse, situated right along the Mekong. Like the Sooksomboon Hotel in Tha Khaek, there are nicer and cheaper options, but not with the added plus of sitting on the opposite side of the river road along the Mekong and only being two blocks away from the Thai Consulate. Unlike the Sooksomboon, Nongsoda lacked any notworthy history and was not even as nice. But, again, location is more important to me than quality and if I wanted both, then I would pay for it. I really only use the guestrooms for showering and sleeping, so it doesn’t matter to me too much if they’re a bit dumpy.

I was too late to submit my application for a one-year Non-Immigrant “O” (Other) Visa at the Thai Consulate. So, I kicked around the area of the “Riverside Vendors,” eating, drinking and enjoying the Mekong views. Mukdahan was right across the river and, like at Tha Khaek, the The Khong is very wide, here.

Although there were about a half dozen falang at the guesthouse, in various stages of visa application/renewal, they tended to stay off by themselves and I rarely saw them patronizing the riverside vendors. They did avail themselves of the nearby restaurant and so did I.

The Savan Khaim Khong is not only a restaurant, but the area’s center for karaoke. Unlike at places like PL2, however, the singing didn’t crank up until after sunset. So, while I waited for things to get more lively, I did a fair amount of people-watching.

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