Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Lao Trip 6.6 - Smart Phones

At the Savan Khaim Khong restaurant my first night in Savannakhet, particularly interesting to me was noticing the difference between Lao young adults who had “smart phones” and those who just had cellphones. It was no news to me that those with the device that could do many things seemed to always be looking into it as if the Answer to Life would suddenly pop-up on their screens.

It’s kinda sad, in a way. I mean, I go back to the time when there were only land line telephones hardwired in buildings and the closest thing you had to a mobile phone was a phone in a telephone booth. When cellphones came into general use during the 1990s, I was a little shocked by girls and women who quickly got into them as some kind of fashion accessory; some even seemed to live their lives more on it than in the environment around them. It was then that it got to be harder and harder to engage females you wanted to get to know, when you discovered they were more pre-occupied with their cellphone conversations to pay you much mind.

Now that phones that can also give you Internet connectivity are spreading out across our planet, it’s even harder to get a girl’s attention. Guys don’t seem so addicted to their phones. There must be studies on the subject. If not, there should be. Yes, I guess I’m, in part, showing my age. I miss those days before smart phones and cellphones when we were all forced to interact with each other in the Here and Now.

By the Way, here's the route I took coming from Tha Khaek to Savannakhet: 

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