Monday, June 30, 2014

Lao Trip 6.8 - Visa In

Day 5 of this 6th trip to Lao – my second day along the Mekong River banks of Savannakhet – I submitted my Thai visa application, along with required documents, to the Thai Consulate, conveniently located within view of The Khong and walking distance of the riverside vendors and my guesthouse.

Afterwards, I walked further into the city – to the area commonly called “The Strip.” There, I did some work at an Internet café; checking email, communications with family in the USA and Tactical Gaming responsibilities.

In the afternoon, I ate, drank and hung out at the family vendors tables. The one that had the boom box tuned to Lao music got my vote.

Toward evening, I went back to the Savan Khaim Khong to watch the pretty girls coming home from school on their motor bikes and then watch the sun go down. The guys running the sound system were into Pongsit, so that was a real plus for me; I love Pongsit’s music and so does Thip.

I had some French fries and Beer Lao; didn’t stay too late. I was getting tired, overall.

Before leaving the restaurant, however, I thought long and hard about city people vs. town and village folk. It definitely has been my experience in Thailand and Lao that it is easier to get to know people in a smaller community vs. larger.

The song by Pongsit that was played a lot while I was riverside in Savannakhet:

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