Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Lao Trip 6.9 - Visa Out

Day 6 of my 6th trip to Lao.

As the Thai Consulate in Savannakhet takes applications in the morning of one day and then issues visas the following day, in the afternoon, I had a fair amount of killing time to do, waiting to pick mine up that afternoon. I suppose I could have gone and seen some of the city’s sights, but I’m not a very good tourist, really. My head’s just in a different space. I’d rather try to engage people than view “objects” – ah, except if they’re female and pretty!

I logged some more Internet time and hung around the riverside vendors area. I was approached by more than one manicurist wanting to do my finger and toe nails. Sometimes they were very persistent. I think some sell sex on the side, too.

After I got my one year Thai visa that afternoon, I was left with a major choice to make: continue south or go back home?

My original plan had been to continue south to Pakse, Champasak and the Thousand Islands area of Southern Lao. This would have put me smack dab in the middle of the tourist track and I wasn’t looking forward to that; after already being in Lao for nearly a week. I was tired, so that night I did another short evening at the Savankhaimkhong and, next day, headed back home.

I was back in my village before nightfall that same day, completing a full week's trip.

Here’s a map of the return bus trip:

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