Thursday, October 23, 2014

Bann Nah 4 - The Plan

As I previously mentioned, the initial plan was to just take down “Love Shack II” and put it back up again on the new pad once the pad had solidified. When the love shack wood was inadvertently burned by one of our neighbor’s sons while clearing his own rice paddies (the fire jumped paddies), we received the father’s shack as settlement (Tah Mai – now Lungtah Mai – had since gone into the monkhood). Then, the plan became: take down and reconstruct Lungtah Mai’s shack (a shack with walls) on the pad.

{Looking from the north, at the bend in our road, as it goes to the pad)

This second plan didn’t last long, as various pressures were put on me to expand the scope of the project still further. For my part, I realized I’m not getting any younger and that if my wife and I are going to enjoy it out there – as our head monk assured us we would – I might as well act sooner than later to put in a structure we can live in year’round and that fits our lifestyle. Consider it a kind of “country home,” not quite a “vacation home.”

(At the turn in our dirt road [same spot as previous picture was taken from], looking westwards toward the main road and temple. You can even see Lungtah Mai's shack/bungalow with red roof off to the left)

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