Sunday, November 16, 2014

Bann Nah 7 - Posts Ceremony

A little like a barn raising, the Thai-Lao Buddhist ceremony for raising posts on a new home is not only practical, but is also shrouded with religious ceremony. It’s a chance to wish the future occupants well in the home that will be built. Since you already have a bunch of guys present to do the heavy lifting, it’s also a perfect time to eat and celebrate.

Here’s some video I shot, showing some chanting, placement of post and attachment of good luck symbols (fish trap for never going hungry; part of an old loom for always being clothed; sugar cane, banana leaf, coconut, flowers, bag full of money, etc.):

2014-08_p-ceremony from Malcolm Gault-Williams on Vimeo.

Once the monks and most of the invitees had left, core family and friends cracked open some Leo’s.

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