Thursday, November 20, 2014

Bann Nah 8 - Power Lines

Just before the foundation posts ceremony, Sawt and his boys completed Phase 2 of the power lines project. That is, we had the rest of the power line posts installed, lines strung and power installed all the way to the pad, in the middle of our rice fields.

Here’s the video showing some of the previous Phase 1:

2014-07_electrical from Malcolm Gault-Williams on Vimeo.

The following Phase 2 video shows Day 1, when the posts were put in and a late afternoon rain ran the linemen off. Day 2 shows Sawt and his wife Nui wiring the remainder of the power line run; installing the street light and light sensor. The video ends with an arrival by Thip – in “temple uniform” – fresh from the wat:

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