Monday, December 29, 2014

Bann Nah 10 - Building Posts

While I was away in Lao, I had kept in close communication with Thip about the construction of “Bann Nah” (country home), on our 9 rai of Riceland. Upon returning home, I was happy to see that progress had taken place pretty much as I had imagined it.

I was actually surprised at all the preparation for both the teak posts and the main floor beams that had taken place. Lott’s and Naht’s attention to these essential and most-important parts of the house, along with what they had done with the column footers, boded well for the project overall.

Moving up from the main floor beams that had been bolted onto the cement posts that had been fused to the column footers, Lott and Naht had put the 9 main wooden structural posts in place (with the help of Sawt’s crew and their crane). These were bolted to the floor beams upon which they sat.

At last, work on the second story was now underway.

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