Thursday, January 8, 2015

Bann Nah 13 - Lan Kha Noi

Thai and Lao people love multiple roofs and there’s no denying that they look sway (beautiful). Sometimes they are structurally integrated – meaning, they are necessary the way they are designed. But, most often, it’s just for show. It’s rare, for instance, to see a Thai Buddhist temple without a double, triple or quadruple roof.

Seeing our main “aluminium” roof go up, Lungpaw mentioned to Thip that it would look better with a little roof added on top to create a double roof effect.

So, because we respect Lungpaw and despite the added cost for something totally non-functional and the danger of water leakage as a result of cutting into the main roof, we had Lott and Naht install a lan kah noi (little roof) onto the roof of Bann Nah.

When our workers were nearly done with the roofs, they were needed back at the wat, for Ohpensa, the end of Buddhist lent (Vassa). So, work stopped. Then there was Boon Katin, when work couldn’t be restarted. After that, there was a trip Lott drove to Thung Yai and after that the guys had to work their rice fields in order to bring in this year’s crop. Although they could have come back to work much earlier, they waited until after the end-of-year holidays. Total of down time: 3 months (October-December, 2014).

Welcome to The Isaan.


Christian Layow said...

Seems to me that would also be an opportune place for critters to find a home, in between the two roofs? It does look like your place will be cool though, when it is done.

Malcolm Gault-Williams said...

Yeah, I wonder about that too, Christian. The local birds of the side of jays have been eye-ing it and landing around it occasionally. We'll see what happens...