Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Harvest 2014/2557

Another reason why the fall season is a busier time for us than normal is because of giao khao (cut rice) – the harvest of both glutenous (sticky) rice and jasmine (khao nio and khao jao) on our two rice farms.

I was happy to see Thip take more of an active part in the harvest, this year, but I would not be drawn into it, myself. Transplanting and later cutting rice is real back breaking work. I already broke mine, for real, in 2004.

Besides that, as I have written elsewhere, I feel there are enough able-bodied family members to work the farms. We didn’t buy the farms for Thip and I to work them, but so that the family could and, as a result, be self-sufficient in the main staple of the Thai diet throughout each and every year.

If this sounds elitist, it’s not meant to be. It’s just the manager in me who recognizes that we all have things to contribute in life. Not that we even should, but there’s just no way one or two individuals can fulfill every role, themselves.

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