Monday, February 16, 2015

Bann Nah 15 - How Plans Grow!

Most any man that plans to build a structure with his wife’s active participation will attest: those plans usually escalate and can take radical turns in the process.

Our “farm house” (aka “Bann Nah”) is a perfect example.

 I started out with a simple plan of slightly upgrading the former “Love Shack II” (built in 2012), which had been the successor to the original “Love Shack” (built in 2001). But, as I’ve explained elsewhere, what would have been “Love Shack III” got upgraded to a full-on farm house with quality wood and craftsmanship part of the plan.

"Love Shack I," summer 2001

My wife played a big part in this basic change from shack-to-home and I’m not complaining. Although it has been frustrating at times, many of her ideas and reasons have been very good and solid. Other influences have been our head monk, Lungpaw, as well as various members of Thip’s family.

 The most radical change of plans occurred when we decided to build a house for Thip and I, as opposed to just a shack to be used by family when working on the farm.

 The second most radical change of plans was when Thip decided she had to have a kitchenette and bathroom up on the second floor. Gee, I wish you had told me that earlier! Thankfully, we were able to make that change before the second floor work had begun.

… and, now as I write this, it occurs to me that we’re only about 50% done and, certainly, more changes are a’comin’!

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