Monday, March 16, 2015

Lao Trip 9.3 - Duangtar and Students

Seyadeth’s room #8 was a nice one, actually. South and facing onto the main Nasavang/Sisavang street that runs along the Mekong, with houses on each side of it. I could easily watch the everyday routines of some of my neighbors from the second floor.

After my morning routines, I made my way over to the port area restaurant, had a beer, and then made it over to the outdoor market for a pear, chicken, sweet bread and iced coffee (“kafe yen”). I swung around to the hill above Khoun Ten, saw it quiet, so assumed it closed. Then, I went over to Heun Phair where there was, surprisingly, some activity.

I was warmly received by the owner, whose name I still don’t know. I had been attracted here, originally, back in 2012, by the music he played, which leaned significantly toward the “Songs for Life” strain (Thai folk songs). We patted each other on the back and it felt like coming back home.

There was only one other table occupied, but I got good looks from the two girls there and the guy who was with them (Somneuk). I ordered my usual, then let my mind drift along with the Mekong.

It looked as though I wouldn’t see Nuey/Kay Noi this time; maybe never again, but I still wanted to. Even so, I hadn’t called her from my Lao sim card, so if she was in the area, she wouldn’t have been able to call me unless she remembered or noted my Lao number previously. That’s kinda how it went. I wanted it to happen, but I didn’t do the extra little things to make it happen because I increasingly felt it was a lost cause for a number of reasons that I’ll share at a later date.

So, my face probably fell a lot as I drank my Beer Lao.

Later, at the end of the afternoon and a slightly older guy joined the other table, I found out either K'Kong or Dao had called their teacher to come join us, saying there was a sad Falang on the floater who needed some cheering up. They proceeded to do that, the additional guy being their business teacher who also emphasized the use of English in their classes.

Duangtar is a really friendly, fun guy, and now a friend of mine on Facebook, as is K'Kong, Dao and Somneuk. I was invited to their table of four and had a great time with them; mostly helping them practiced their English.

In the early evening, a little after one other student joined us and then they left to eat dinner, I stayed. I knew the moon would rise a little later than yesterday and wanted to shoot some video of it from Mekong level. I did that, although the results were not as good as I hoped.

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