Thursday, April 23, 2015

Bann Nah 17 - Wood Ironing

The first thing Lott and Naht set about doing, in the New Year, was to “iron” the redwood floor boards. This meant that each piece was machine sanded and made to be the same thickness. We had bought 50-year-old floor boards from a torn down Isaan family house and it was amazing to see how beautiful the wood was, once sanded.

(the machine used for sharpening the sander blades)

The redwood floor boards were later cut to be a standard width – straight and true – which is important for tongue and groove assembly.

Because the mai daeng (red wood – not related to the redwood of California, Oregon or China) cost about $830 USD (27k THB) and we had other valuable wood on the ground, Thip and I decided to camp out at the construction site to act as night watchmen.

People told us not to worry, that our karma would protect us from theft, but I wasn’t so sure. Besides, it was a break from the routine of our village life to camp out at the farm. It was cold, though!

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