Thursday, April 30, 2015

Bann Nah 18 - Eaves and Fancy Trim

By early February 2015, the old red wood floor was completed. I regret not shooting some video of the work, as it once again surprised me how simple but effective Lott and Naht’s approach to the task was.

Thip and I were pretty busy and had been for a while, helping her daughter Kulthida test for, interview for, and finally getting her and her husband relocated to Sa Kaeo province upon her passing of the government tests for accountants. It was not only a big deal for Kulthida and her husband, but also for our Thai-Lao family. Although many Thais want to enter the civil service and see it as a way to financial security, relatively few successfully test their way in. Our village is pretty typical and it is riddled with failed test takers. So, my wife and all of the rest of the family are justly proud.

After the re-sanded old red wood floor boards were put in, Lott and Naht worked on the eaves, the roof trim and applying chemical to all termite-prone wood in the attic. The chemical work is pretty nasty and I wonder why they hadn’t done it when the wood was on the ground; when it would have been much easier and coverage of the wood more thorough.

The fancy trim transpired the overall look of the structure, as it continues to take on a character of its own.

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