Thursday, April 9, 2015

New Year 2014 & 2015

Last year (beginning 2014), I had promised you that I’d tell you two interesting, somewhat embarrassing stories from the time of New Year’s.

Thais have a similar tradition of New Year’s celebrations as most of the rest of the world. That is, the big thing is to wait until the clock turns from the old year to the new. Leading up to this, they all gather together and party – usually out at the family farm and if they don’t have one, they party at home.

(both images: 8 Rai - "Suphannaphoowong City")

Our family has their New Year’s party out at 8 Rai, the land Khun Paw (my wife’s father) has kept for many years and just recently divided among most of his children and a grand daughter (Thip’s daughter Kulthida, aka “Ray”). It is adjacent to Thip’s and my 8.5 rai where sometimes the party is also held. No matter the locations, loud speakers, amp and computer are brought in by other members of the extended family, food is prepared – almost constantly – and beer and blended whiskey is drunk; sometimes also rice whiskey.

(our house at 8.5 rai, where Sawt and Nui stay)

Well, there’s no keeping up with my wife’s brothers when it comes to drinking and last year I thought I could.

It ended with me missing “The Countdown”, passing out and peeing in my pants.

So, this year I promised everyone not to pee in my pants again. More than that, though, I limited my participation in the family party to the daytime. By the time of this year’s “Countdown” I was fast asleep -- naturally, this time -- at our village home. Thip opted for ceremonies at the temple as the rest of the family partied on into the morning.

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