Saturday, June 13, 2015

Bann Nah 20 - Imitation Wood

As far as materials and over-all look of Bann Nah, we have tried to use natural wood (stained, not painted) wherever possible and practical – some of it we’ve even harvested from our other properties.

Exceptions, in chronological order, have been the cement and rebar column footers and posts; the main aluminium roof and lancah noi; smartboard under the eaves; and, lastly, Shera imitation wood exterior walls.

After I returned from my tenth trip to Lao, the push was on to get the exterior walls put up – all of which were drilled and screwed-in, not nailed.

We opted for imitation wood exterior walls for three reasons: price, imperviance to termites and appearance. We had had decent results with the imitation wood put in when we had a new roof put in, in our village home, back in the rainy season of 2013. As with most building supplies, there are grades of quality and cost. We had gone with a brown wood texture pattern imitation wood that was a little more expensive, but also looked a lot like real wood – especially from a distance.

We followed the same approach with our country home, picking a higher grade of Shera imitation wood; this time choosing more of a walnut color that is seldom seen in these parts – probably because it doesn’t look “new”. It flows well with the building posts and other woods used in the construction of our “cabin on stilts”; maintaining a certain look I have wanted to maintain – that is, an overall “light” natural color to the structure.

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