Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Lao Trip 11.4 - Heuan Phair

While hanging out in PL2, I did my usual of visiting the market in Pak Lai, buying food off the street, and visiting the places I usually stop in and have a beer, like the Rimkhong restaurant and Heuan Phair. I even checked out that new karaoke place in Pak Lai, again.

My initial impressions about this new karaoke spot held true on second inspection. I guess it’s great for teenagers, but for anyone wanting to talk with each other and hang, this is just not the place. One thing it has over the other spots in Pak Lai and PL2 is that there is dancing at night. That can be exciting, of course, but if things are so dark and loud that you can’t meet anyone new, then you’re limited to who you came in with and who you might know upon arrival.

Seeing as Khoun Ten was currently under a rebuild, I hung at Heuan Phair more than usual. I’m actually best received here; not sure why, but I’ve always appreciated the music selection and over the past few years there were many an afternoon and early evening when I was the only customer, here. I guess that explains it, really.

(Mr. Tit being transported home)

Popular in Savannakhet when I visited, last March. Didn’t see it play much at PL2, possibly due to the subject:

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