Monday, August 17, 2015

Bann Nah 26 - Well Drilled 1

Well Drilled… no, I’m not referring to the time I tried to keep up with my wife’s brothers, drinking on New Year’s Eve 2013. And, no, I’m not going over the Rescue Party once again. I’m writing about tapping into the aquifer under 9 Rai.

Sometimes, you gotta grab your opportunities when they present themselves. How many times have I said that before and not? Well, there are times when you just can’t and it’s usually because you don’t have the money or feel that you can’t part with what you have.

Well, this time I followed through on our opportunity. I really didn’t have the funds, but “found” some, anyway.

The temple was going to have a well drilled on the land Lungtah Mai donated for the construction of the chedi, next to the land we had donated. In addition, also next to our 9 Rai rice farmland, our neighbor Lungtah Mai’s daughter was going to have a well drilled on her land. So, we got in the queue with them, as “family members.”

It was part of a Thai government program that cost a third of what it would have if we had used a private driller. That was a big plus, along with the fact we could get it done rather soon. Usually when you get in such queue’s it can take weeks before it actually happens.

Drilling a well on the Bann Nah pad was another one of those things that we had planned to do after the wood portion of our “cabin on stilts” was completed. But, here was the opportunity, now, so we took it. This turned out to be a very good move for many reasons. First, there was the baht savings and quickness of time to get it done. Second, this rainy season had started off as the driest in 10-to-30 years (depending on information source). Having a well would give us more security for the 9 Rai rice harvest should the rains not kick in. Third and lastly, with running water at Bann Nah, it just made being out there so much easier. I had been porting water between the village and Bann Nah several times a week. The distance was only about a mile, or 15 minutes by tuk-tuk, but having a drilled well alleviated me of work more effectively done by local pumping.

(how the drill pipes are connected)

(drilling through a rocky section required a special drill head)

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