Sunday, September 20, 2015

Bann Nah 29 - Stairs Roof

The Monsoon rains finally kicked-in from mid-July to about mid-August. It was, by far, a late start to the rice growing season and of very short duration. Usually, you can count on rain for the rice crops for a solid four-to-five months (May-September).

During the time the rains fell every day, we continued to suffer significant rain damage both inside the rooms at Bann Nah and on the porch, especially. Rather than address the problem of rain water continuing to soak into the tongue and grooves of the upstairs floor boards, our workers proceeded to build the cement support posts for the stairs and then put in the roof for the stairs-to-be. I did my best to Keep My Kool, but I wasn’t happy about this seemingly illogical progression to the building.

Only thing I can think of is that Lott and Naht wanted something dramatically visible for Lungpaw to see, when viewed from the temple or chedi site, so that he felt confident progress was being made. After all, when our workers weren’t working for us or themselves, they were employed regularly at the temple. Lungpaw had recommended them and we had donated and sold land cheap for the chedi, so there were stakes to consider.

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